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CATS tactical defense concept
CATS tactical defense concept

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What started out as a media company producing training videos and a security related PC and online game  today has grown into a security service and training company with a large number of departments and services in the fields of security related sections.

Our founding and leading team – headed by Yossie Blumberg and Mike Malak – individually has been in professional and international security for over 30 years. This operates together successfully for over 20 years. Cobra Systems LLC – as the present day company – exists for 10 years.

There are these main categories of services we offer

  1. Security Services such as international investigations and private intelligence and research services to both private and corporate clientel
  2. Security Training – we offer training to become an international investigator, a versed undercover operator, a security specialist, and top-shelf close combat training with an without weapons, both for personal security and for professional security operators
  3. Business Services – we help clients establish their oen security company in the United States, in order to operate worldwide in all areas of the security industry; we also offer businesses of all kinds to open and conduct branch offices in France including various outsourcing services
  4. VIOLENT NOMAD TV reality show and competions for tactical close combat, cage fights, competitions and training for these areas
  5. Production of security related online and PC games, apps, online training courses and more
  6. Sale of various security related products, equipment, training material, training courses

If you wish further informations on any particular project or service, or wish to contact us in any matter related to our services, cooperation, questions etc. please do so at any time by use of our contact form (link below).  Please see a full list of our departments, services and links the pertinent web site here

If you wish to contact us, please visit this page with our contact form



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