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  • your own security business


    YES – YOU, TOO, CAN CREATE YOUR OWN SECURITY BUSINESS IN THE USA AND CONDUCT A SUCCESSFUL INTERNATIONAL SECURITY BUSINESS! Do you want to be a successful owner of an international security company? If your answer to this question is YES, then you should consider to run your security company from within the US, even if you don’t reside in the…

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    Mit Sicherheit am Ziel ankommen! HET ist für Auslandsreisende das, was der Sicherheitsgurt für Autofahrer ist… Hostile Environment Training (HET) ist eine Schulung, die den Teilnehmern SICHERHEIT vermittelt, und zwar auf mehreren Ebenen. Zum Einen vermittelt HET die Basis der Sicherheit: das Wissen darum, wie Sicherheit entsteht, wie wir selbst Sicherheit beeinflussen können – dies steht naturgemäss dem Thema entsprechend…

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  • cobra investigations

    COBRA SYSTEMS International Investigation Services

    Private Investigation – both for private and corporate clientel – has been bread and butter for the founding members of Cobra Systems LLC for about 30 years and more. Yossie Blumberg and Mike Malak have been working most of their lives as investigators, and have thus a vast world of professional experience in this field. Contact us any time in…

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  • Private Intelligence Service

    Private Intelligence Services

    The COBRA SYSTEMS Intelligence team operates internationally to provide critical business information to aid and inform clients’ decision making processes and to protect the client from espionage. The private intelligence is one of our focus services, a core business – covert, overt, and counter-intelligence. Our team of founding members have formerly been members of elite intelligence services of various countries…

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  • Cobra Undercover

    UNDERCOVER Operations

    UNDERVOCER operations – or covert operation – usually comprise technqiues of surveillance, observation, gathering of informations  and/or security. COBRA SYSTEMS teams are specialized on this type assignments and operations. Read THIS ARTICLE for further information Also see THIS ARTICLE related to private intelligence CONTACT US ANYTIME to find out more or ask your questions See a full list of our…

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