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Over the past 5 years, COBRA SYSTEMS has drastically grown – both on the operational business side, as well as in the number of services and projects we offer. Our focus is on specialized services and trainings in niches of the security word which are not “overcrowded” – meaning: we are not active in areas where competition is too high such as regular static protection, protection of premises, or regular guards, “mall cops” or the regular private detective jobs. And this goes for our security and close combat training, too. We offer a much more specialized programm than what you can expect from the majority of competitive providers.

If you’d like to see A FULL LIST OF OUR PROJECTS  with the web links to reach each web site, please visit THIS PAGE with all links to all projects NOW.

CATS tactical
CATS tactical defense concept

We are now offering services and training in these three sections, which almost all are security related:

  • security services – e.g. international investigations, private intelligence, research, undercover operations
  • security training – as private investigator or intel/undercover operator
  • business opportunities and business assistance – e.g. build your own security business in the USA or elsewhere
  • survival and close combat training – from beginner to advanced level in survival and close combat
  • TV productions – e.g. Violent Nomad reality TV and Violent Nomad cage fights and competitions
  • game productions – we are still working on the SHADOW FIGHT game “The Conspiracy”

This web site is mant as a hub or overview from where to reach our various projects’ web sites, and as a blog with articles about these projects.

If you’d like to see A FULL LIST OF OUR PROJECTS  with the web links to reach each web site, please visit THIS PAGE with all links to all projects NOW.

By use of the menus and links – at top and bottom of each page – and of course the various articles we have posted and will continue to post on this page, you will be able to find a ton of information on each on the various projects and subjects.

If you can’t find what you are looking for  and/or have ANY QUESTION or wish contact with us on any subject, please CONTACT US ANY TIME by use of our FEEDBACK FORM on this page. We’re looking forward to communicate with you.
your own security business
Create Your Own Security Company in the US now




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